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Mission statement

We believe in the inexhaustable force that is created by working together. It is our responsiblity to make that unity stronger by standing up for what we believe, by building a community in which trust, respect and fair trade are elementary.

We realise that we have a duty and a responsibility to the end consumers. We have to keep producing and delivering the most essential and basic whole foods and nutrients: vegetables and fruits.

We fundamentally believe that manufacturing and creation of vitamins, minerals and nutrient dense foods start with us, the produce industry. We facilitate the highest form of success, because we stand at the core of general health with our products.

And we, the produce industry, will keep on giving this force of life to the world, regardless of the circumstances.


Interview Dirk and Edward
A Message From Edward Koemans and Dirk de Jong

What is our objective?

With this initiative, Produce United aims to call to a sense of fraternity, to unite forces, and to create a community that is resilient and has a powerful answer to all challenges in the current Corona crisis

How do we achieve this?

By building a community together in which we collaborate and collectively embrace the main cause. When the entire community shares, everyone reaps the benefits, sharing means multiplying which will create new growth.

We will unite, survive and thrive!

How does it work?


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We draw attention to your story by posting it on this site. Your voice should be heard. Produce Chronicals creates a sense of understanding for each other by hearing of each other’s stories. The next step is to create a central meeting point within this platform on which Produce United facilitates the interaction.


The solution is within grasp as you have the entire network, with a worldwide scope, at your disposal. Our team gets in touch with you to jointly look for a tangible solution.

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